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Hiya! So, this time it's been six months since I've posted anything, and I think that's because I've been too caught up in school to care about logging in. Now that school's over (and I have nothing to do) I thought I'd log on again and see if I've missed anything....I haven't.

Anyway! I've kind of fallen out of Arashi a bit, I am still infatuated with Shim Changmin (omg Mimi was amazing and his acting was amazing :3), and am now waaaayyy too obsessed with EXO. I've gotten so attached to them and now all this shit is happening and I really hope everything dies down by the end of summer. My friend was really sad because Kris is her bias, and I guess you could say I'm a little put out because Baekhyun is mine, but I'm in this fandom to support the boys, not to control every aspect of their life. That fans are calling either of them traitors or saying they lied to them is disappointing to see, because Kris did what he had to do for his health, and we still don't even know the outcome of the lawsuit. I mean, they haven't even entered mediation yet, and people were already spouting ot11 the day after he filed the lawsuit. Also, Baekhyun does not deserve to be called a liar because he told fans he loved them, since I honestly believe he does love us. But saying he loves us isn't saying he thinks of us romantically and that now he's said it to us he can't find happiness with someone else - someone who he's liked since before he was scouted. I'll support both Baekhyun and Taeyeon as a couple, and, if the lawsuit ends with Kris leaving SM then I'll support EXO and Kris. I made a commitment when I decided to become their fan and a couple bumps, no matter how jarring, aren't going to weaken my resolve to keep that commitment.

Haha, sorry for the long EXO spout, but since this journal is mostly for myself I figured I'd just get that out there. Moving on, I'm so sad that Onew needed surgery :( why do the worst things happen to the sweetest people?? Hopefully he'll be better soon and we can all have another Korean comeback =D

So recently I met this really cool girl through my friend, whom I hadn't met before because she was a grade below us. What's awesome about that is that she loves K-Pop too, and now we email each other and talk about that and k-dramas and everything under the sun :) before I met her, I only had my one friend that I could talk to about K-Pop, but even then she wasn't very interested. She's more interested in musical and theatre, but she's a wonderful person so she humors me every once in a while.

I'm a lot happier now than I have been in a while, for various reasons. My only wish is that things in the EXO fandom calm down and the boys make it through this rough patch stronger than they were before.


Random Whateverness

So, it's 2014, and more than three months since I last posted anything. Not that a lot has changed: I'm still obsessed with one Shim Changmin (and now EXO, too), I still love K-Pop, and I'm getting nowhere learning languages in school. I swear, I've learned more Korean on my own than I've learned Chinese and Japanese in school.

Christmas was awesome, since I got everything I wanted and two weeks before that my sister got accepted into college (the only one she applied for, so thank god she got in). We were going to visit my step-siblings today, but we got hit by a stupid snowstorm so all I have to look forward to this weekend is working on a project with some friends for school.

Anyway, besides that boring stuff, I'm super psyched that TVXQ! (see, I'm stylizing correctly now) came out with Something. It's so amazingly catchy and awesome and right now I really wish I could describe things better but I can't so if anyone for any reason sees this post, just know that you have to go watch it right now.

I'm still super confused with livejournal. Maybe it's just because I'm an antisocial person, even online, and I don't feel like talking to people in any of the (few) communities I've joined. I wouldn't mind making some friends online, though, especially if they spew K-pop with me...If I write fics, to get them seen do I have to join a community and post it there? Who knows, I guess. I certainly don't.

Well, probably I'll post after another three or four months.~ Here's a sexy gif for myself for when I come back and reread these posts and laugh at myself:
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Okay, I'm pretty sure I mentioned in the other post how my #1 group is SHINee because they're my first K-pop love and all, but recently (for the past 2 months) I've been coming back to DBSK over and over and over again. Specifically Changmin. Choikang Motherfreaking Perfect Changmin. I like how he's tall, I love his voice, I love his personality, and most of all, I love how he fights through every fu*king thing that gets thrown at him. I can't claim to be a die-hard DBSK fan, since I only knew K-pop existed since last year, and thus I don't know personally what DB5K went through. I do know that they're all amazing people and amazing performers, whether they made all the right choices or atoned for the wrong is up to their judgment, not mine or their fans.

Anyway...yepp, that's pretty much it. I just friggin' love Shim Changmin and his wonderful-ness, and I hope he's in another movie or drama (hopefully one where he *SPOILERS* doesn't die) soon, because I want to buy it and own it and treasure it until I can show it to my kids and make them revel in the wonder of Choikang Changmin. I guess I need monies for that first, though... o_o



Arashi is pretty much my favorite Japanese band - I probably like them even more than I liked The Gazette. I love them because they all have their own personalities and quirks and they make it hard to pick a favorite. Of course, my ichiban is Sho-kun, but I think that's because I fell in love with him when I watched The Quiz Show 2, and then Kazoku Game. Recently I've been watching a lot of VS Arashi and I have no idea how I haven't gotten tired of it yet. I mean, they play nearly all of the same games each episode with maybe on or two that aren't frequent popping into the mix here or there. I think I haven't gotten bored because even if I get tired of the show, I'll never get tired of them. They're just too amusing, especially when Ohno and Nino get into fights over Cliff Climb, or when Aiba sets his own lightning pace in Bound Hockey, or Matsujun gives up in Pinball Runner. And I absolutely love how professional Sho-kun is about his job. He's such an amazing host, actor, reporter, rapper, and everything else. Gah! They're just so awesome...

About me...

I'm a teenage girl who was introduced to Asian culture three years ago when my school decided to offer Chinese as a language course. At the time, I wasn't very interested in it, but then I watched my first Chinese film (Shaolin Soccer) and started looking up more Stephen Chow movies (one of my favorites is Fight Back to School). After that I went into my angsty teenage phase and fell in love with The Gazette, which, if you like rock/metal and attractive Japanese men, you have to check out. Finally, my introduction to K-pop occurred when one day in my recommended videos, SHINee's Ring Ding Dong appeared. Since then I've been hooked on nearly every K-Pop group I find except girl groups, ZE:A (*EDIT: Yepp, turns our I love ZE:A now, too, esp. Siwan, Minwoo, and Hyungsik) and 2PM, sorry.

Sadly, the community I live in isn't very diverse at all and I only have on friend who is just slightly interested in the things I like. I hope that on livejournal I can maybe meet some people that are like me or find interest in what I like, or open me up to more Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese/Chinese, etc. music, tv shows, movies, you name it, I'll probably be interested in it.

Yeepp....that's me in a nutshell. Oh, and this:

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